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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Nobody Ever Got Rich Behind A Mule.

Nope... It wasn't until humans learned how to leverage clever machinery into Time that Real Fortunes were built.

Did you see what I did there? Leverage...and TIME. Wasted hours will absolutely KILL a business in short order- and probably the biggest time-suck in your business is Customer Acquisition.

No matter who you are, or what type of business you run, your fortunes absolutely depend on Targeted Traffic, and a fresh stream of NEW customers! If you don't have that, you are sunk.

And the place these prospects can be found today in massive quantities is on the Internet. Not the yellow pages or trade mags... The Internet.

Problem is, finding these prospects is often like pulling the proverbial needle out of the haystack, and can cost you dearly in hours spent searching manually... making lists... cold-calling... getting hung up on... trying another listing... yadda, yadda, yadda...

business leads

Repeat After Me - Time Is Money.

Probably one of the best known cliches ever, but no less true for all that. Time IS Money.

And I'm about to show you an insanely powerful way to Leverage Our Time into Your Money.

We've spent Hundreds and Hundreds of man-hours building an incredible Lead Prospecting and Harvesting machine for you... All you have to do is turn it on and reap the benefits!

Now I've tried almost ALL the other so-called "Lead Generators" and "Scrapers" out there- some of them costing Thousands Of Dollars, and you know what?

Not A One Of Them performed as advertised, much less to my needs- Not One.

And the lifeblood of my OWN business is providing services to offline small businesses- it's what I DO. So believe me when I say I know Exactly How Valuable a working, legitimate automated lead harvester and contact tool like PLP is...

But there wasn't a Single One available that did what I needed it to when I went looking- so I rolled up my sleeves... hired on a couple of genius coders... and went to work... And what we came up with was nothing short of Spectacular!

But here's the REALLY cool thing... The Original PowerLeadsPro software we came up with Sold Like Hot Cakes- and was absolutely unequalled in it's power and function, but That Wasn't Good Enough for me.

So we went BACK to the drawing board, and completely re-tooled the software and interface, and what we've got NOW with PLPX is so mind-blowing, it shocks even ME, and I dreamed the darn thing UP!

First off, let me tell you what it is not: Power Leads Pro X ain't some garden variety 47 buck scraper tool thingy. Not even CLOSE.

Comparing Power Leads Pro X to any other so-called Lead Generator on the market is like trying to compare a Rocket Ship to a Roller Skate: it's an exercise in futility... and stupid to boot.

Power Leads Pro X is an incredibly sophisticated Power Tool that has every BIT of the power you need to plow and harvest the toughest field, and do it almost totally on autopilot, and without a lick of hard work on your part. You just light it up, and Let It ROLL.

And, like any high class "equipment dealer" we've thought of everything: Just as all farmers have different sized fields and unique crops, PLPX's Unique Plug-In based structure offers many different configurations for you to choose from, depending on the needs of your business and your budget. YOU get to choose exactly how much Power you need!

Best of all, our service and support department is World Class (just view our testimonials)... Not only do we continually update the Core Software and add new plug-ins, but you can drive one of our incredible "Machines" off the lot with the exact options YOU choose, and use it absolutely Risk Free.

More on this later - for now, let's:

  • Generate Massive Amounts of Hot, Fresh leads in just a few minutes... with Push-Button Ease. Forget manual labor forever in your customer searches!
  • Harvest Leads with Pinpoint accuracy: Forget about searching through broad or generic one-word terms- Target ANY niche you want with the exact keywords you need. YOU decide exactly how focused you want your search to be.
  • Get only the Freshest Leads: This software automatically generates only the freshest leads online to ensure your buyers have not already moved on.
  • Laser Target the Exact Region you want your leads from: Want strictly local leads? Fine. State-wide or National? Got 'em. International? No Problemo...
  • E-Mail your Leads Instantly... and Effectively! Our Proprietary and Built-in E-mail Deliverability Agent helps get you IN the Inbox... at the click of a button.

And Much, Much More - And Even More To Come... In fact, we add features to the base software all the time, and as a customer incremental updates are always FREE*.

Like I said, we have a package to fit YOUR needs, or you can select and purchase Plug-Ins "ala carte" to build your software to the exact configuration and price level you choose!

 Each Plug-In added to the Power Leads Pro X Core Software just adds more and more Power to your Customer Harvesting Arsenal, and we have many more planned and in development all the time.

I could go on for another twenty pages listing the incredible features of Power Leads Pro X, but we really don't have the time or space here for that- I know you want to get started right away with this phenomenal tool, so here's a breakdown of exactly what each plug-in does and what each discount bundled package includes:

Power Leads Pro Level Comparison

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it's hard to see the Raw Power of PLPX on a static page like this- and if a picture's worth a thousand words, then a Video's gotta be worth a whole lot MORE:

Watch The Jaw-Dropping Speed Of
PowerLeadsProX At Work...

Wow... And as you saw, that's just a Tiny Glimpse of a miniscule portion of the PLPX Suite- to do a full length demonstration would take waaaay too long, and we have a full kit of tutorial videos waiting for you inside anyways!

I'm sure you'll agree, it's hard to argue with that kind of massive speed and ease of use... And you are just minutes away from harnessing this Incredible Power for yourself.

Now, there's sure to be a few questions burning in your mind now that you're all cranked up and rarin' to go, and the first is undoubtedly...

What Our Customers Say


“The List of Features Already in Existence is Mind Boggling…

Originally Posted by diggitydog (on WarriorForum.com)

Hey Matt,

Just bought it (Power Leads Pro X), installed and ran a couple of searches. WOW! I can’t believe how much better is your software than one of the supposedly competing products I have purchased in the past.

The list of features already in existence is mind boggling, especially when compared to the so called competitors. But reading the sales copy and the thread I see that you add new features all the time, what a bargain!

I’m very happy with my purchase Matt, and want to congratulate you on a wonderful product. Keep it coming, mate!

- Vlad


"2 or 3 Minutes to Grab Hundreds of Leads a Day...

Neil FerreePower Leads Pro X is one helluva tool! Your latest upgrade was by far the best for me. For Sale by Owner is the low hanging fruit in my space and now I can target this micro-niche and only spend 2 or 3 minutes to grab hundreds of leads a day versus the hours it used to take before.

You should think about doubling or tripling the price, its definitely worth it.

Continued success,
Neil Ferree


"Perfect for my Offline Biz Lead Gathering...

Originally Posted by Lee Stewart (on WarriorForum.com)

WOW.... I spent last night trying it out and I have to say it's the best bit of kit I have bought in ages......it's perfect for my offline biz lead gathering.

It brought me more targeted leads back in ten minutes than I could gather in hours.....

I love this and the support is awesome, I had a problem on activation of the software so submitted a ticket and the problem was sorted in minutes.... FIRST CLASS...

If you need leads for your biz, offline or other do not miss out on this....

Regards, Lee


“Helped Me Get More Leads for My Offline Business…

Brad SpencerPower Leads Pro X already helped me get more leads for my offline business. If anyone’s on the fence about this purchase…take my reviews pushing you over because the speed at which Matt updates the software you will be getting more and more features that will make this purchase an even more no-brainer.


Brad Spencer


“I Am Now Your Customer for Life…

Originally Posted by Angelita (on WarriorForum.com)

Matthew provides the best support I have ever received online; unbelievable!

I had some problems with my setup at first and he stayed with me on Skype until I was up and running.. I have since sent OVER 1300 emails lol.


Thanks Matthew, as I said before… I am now your customer for life !!

- Jea


"Mathew’s Customer Service Was Amazing…

I had been looking around for ways to get information for my offline business.

I was using several pieces of software and manual searching. When I came across Power Leads Pro X I actually didn't believe it would do what it said.

Mathew's customer service was amazing. I live on the other side of the world and he must have been up in the middle of the night replying to me.

Paul Fitz-Patrick


“If You are on the Fence About Buying this Software, Don’t Be…

Originally Posted by cparker (on WarriorForum.com)

I bought this software and absolutely love it! Not only does it do what he says it does, but I love the personal support that Matthew gives any time I have a question. Matthew even set up a personal Skype call with me on a Sunday just to answer any questions I had. Now, that is customer service!

If you are on the fence about buying this software, don't be. The constant free updates and customer service at this price is unheard of and the software rocks.

Thanks Matthew, I am one happy customer!

- Cyndi


“The Upgrades are Coming Fast and Furious…

Originally Posted by Greg D (on WarriorForum.com)

Want to throw in as well that Matthew is AMAZING with support questions and issues. The upgrades are coming fast and furious. Great product and only getting better. Really enjoying it and happy to support a fellow warrior.

Thanks again,



Well, I'm not going to give you some song and dance about how altruistic I am, or how I'm "Paying It Forward", or any of that "GooRoo" Fertilizer.

No, I'm in this business to make money and feed my family, just the same as you are.

That's not to say I don't like doing good things and feeling good about myself, because I do - and inviting you to join the PLPX family definitely belongs under the "Do Good Stuff" category ;-)

And hey- in these economic times of turmoil, we need every edge we can GET to stay ahead of the big "corporate farm sites" out there, right?

But Here's The Dealio: I built PLPX for My Business. And I use it... Myself.

It never really crossed my mind to market this to others- it's been making me scads of money in my private niches and for my offline consultancy for some time now, and that's been just fine with me.

Thing is, along the way I added so much power and versatility to the system, that once they got a glimpse of PLPX in action many of my friends Begged Me to let them buy a license... and then Begged Me to let them let their people buy licenses.

So after much arm-twisting, I told them: "Ok, Ok... but if I do that, I open it up to everyone. Everyone will have a chance to benefit from PLPX. But one thing's for sure... They better be serious, because I ain't just gonna give it away".

And that brings up what is probably your next question:

How Much, Matt? 

Let's make this Short and Simple: How does around half the cost of a grande' latte daily sound? About $2.50 a day for the TOP Level Package, Power Leads Pro X Suite. PLP Pro X Plus and PLP Pro X Lite are even less, but the suite is the Big Banana.

Of course, you can always just take the Core Software and One plug-in (at least one source is required for the software to have something to work with) and keep your initial outlay to a bare minimum, but taking a bundled package will save you HUGE cashola, and we haven't even STARTED talking about the insane amounts of TIME you are gonna save with PLPX...

And that's what it's REALLY all about at the end of the day, am I right? TIME.

Save Time... Save Money. Work Less... Earn More. Spend More Time With Family... Friends. Take More Vacations.

Freedom From The Plow. That's what I'm offering you here.

Now, I'm not going to insult your intelligence with a long, over-hyped price justification here. Just do some easy math with me...

What would ONE LEAD in your chosen niche be worth to your business? How about a couple of DOZEN Leads??

For example, if you are a web designer, and just one of the prospects you harvest and contact with PLPX replies and takes you up on a deal - what could that be worth to you? $500? $1,000? More? And now you've got that client, what about the future? What's the lifetime value?

Or perhaps you sell Web Hosting, or Advertising, or SEO, or Health Insurance, or Delivery Services, or Window Washing, or Paving, or Bathroom Cleaning, or any one of a thousand OTHER products and services to small businesses- what would leads for Those verticals be worth?

Yeah- a LOT of money. But you know the deal... You need those Leads coming in STEADILY, and you need a LOT of them.

That's the beauty here: with PLP you can grab as many leads as you can handle... In ANY Niche you like...24/7... and harvest new customer prospects Each And Every DAY. Heck, MANY of our existing users of the original PLP software report that they have to TURN IT OFF frequently just so they can catch up and cope with the new business they've gathered with PLP.

And get this: Unlike Giggle (you know who I'm talking about), we LOVE arbitrage... Use PLPX and grab as many leads as you want- set up a call or prequalify them if you want to add massive value... and SELL them to others for a Whopping Profit. We even have a very active members ONLY forum where we not only train and support you, but we also share ideas!

Was that a light bulb I just saw go on in your head?

Listen, I've invested Tens Of Thousands of dollars, and Hundreds upon Hundreds of man-hours making this software the absolute BEST in class... and I ain't even done yet. Not to mention all the ongoing work we do on minor incremental updates (which youalways get for free) to the Core Software and ALL the Plug-Ins to stay ahead of system mods, algorithm changes, etc.

We are also continually adding new ways to harvest even MORE leads, from more places, and will roll them out as they become available as Plug-Ins that add sick new features as we dream them up (or YOU request them). Major Updates to the Core also come out around 2-3 times a year, and you get one year free with your initial purchase, and future ones at a deep discount (around 50-60%off!)

So with all that, balking at the cost of a cup of coffee seems a bit foolish, right?


OK, Matt...You've Convinced Me! No WAY Am I
Going To pass Up A No-Brainer Like THIS.

I Want To Get OUT From Behind The Mule
And In On This Immediately
Before My Competitors Snap This Up And Start Using It Against Me, Or These Stupid-Cheap Packages Disappear Without Warning...

Lose The Mule, Hayseed!

  • I understand I'll be downloading the Power Leads Pro X Software configured exactly how I want it in the service level of my choice within minutes when I act now...
  • I am Totally Ready to get started- Even if it's 3am- and begin cranking out dozens... hundreds... or even Thousands of easy leads for my business with Push-Button Ease if I apply what I'm about to discover, and I totally get that this brain-dead offer is extremely limited and may be withdrawn or modified at any time.
  • My mind is blown to discover that I can gain Full Access to the insanely effective Power Leads Pro X Software, along with private access to the Private PLP Members Only Forum and all other benefits as a valued member when I sign up here today.
  • On that basis, Don't Make Me Wait Any Longer- Let's Get To Harvest!
Order Now!


Look, please don't take this wrong, but I'm going to be very blunt here:

If you can't see the power inherent in this software... The sheer leverage you are about to gain by having this incredible, automated lead harvester working for you tirelessly, night and day...

Then you're not ready to make the big money. Period.

If you are ready to put your customer aquisition in overdrive, flood your business with new prospects, and leverage the time I've Spent into Free Time for yourself, then...

You are standing on the edge of a new "field" of opportunity, and I've stretched my hand across the border to bring you in.

Now, you can fall back, get behind your mule, and continue to break your back for small potatoes...

... Or You Can Take My Hand, and let me help you Climb Out Of The Mud.

The choice is pretty simple when you look at it like that, isn't it?

Grab My Hand.


Matt Iannotti

PS - We reserve the right to change the pricing on this offer at any time, and in fact we may raise it substantially or pull it off the market to protect against saturation and preserve the integrity of the system for current users depending on demand... which we expect to be Very High indeed, based on feedback from our beta team and the buzz that's already building to deafening levels on the street.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Are The System Requirements For PLPX?
A: PLPX Is Designed For Windows PC's running Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 with .NET4 Installed.

Q: Will PLPX Run On My Mac?
A: Certainly, Using Virtual Machine or Parallels, PLPX Runs Perfectly On A Mac!

Q: How Many Licenses Do I Get?
A: One; However, additional licenses can be purchased.


Order Now!